Color prints 

*Color Print sizes available:

8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x24, 24x30, 32x40

Panoramic sizes (approx.)

8x20”, 12 x24”, 20 x 50”

*All color prints are stable Fuji Crystal archive prints

*All images editions are limited

*Edition run is dependent upon size and type of print/image

*Larger sizes tend to be smaller editions

E.G. 8x10/11x14 edition run = 50, 32x40 edition run = 25

*All prints are signed by the artist on front of matt and come with “Certificate of Authenticity” and another signature

on back of matt.

*Add shipping to all prices. (Usually about 10% of cost)

*Arizona residents add 7.9% tax

(Local shipping[greater phoenix] is available for free) 

Image size  Matt size Price with matt/print  Matted and framed/glass

8x10”   12 x 18”  $250    $350

11x14”   16 x 20”  $375    $495

16x20”   24 x 28”  $575    $725

20x24”   28 x 32”  $775    $975

24x30”   32 x 38”  $995    $1395

32x40”   40 x 48”  $1500    $2000

8x20”   16 x 28”  $595    $750

12x24”   20 x 32”  $795    $995

20x50   30 x 60”  $1600    $2200 


Black and White Prints

*Unless otherwise noted all prints are silver-gelatin and  toned in selenium(what A. ADAMS did) and gold(More than A. Adams did) for tonal richness and archival permanence.

*Exact print size/price is dependent on image but I will give basic guidelines for sizes.  Call/ e-mail for exact size/price.

*All prints are limited edition.

*All prints are matted on museum level archival board.

*All prints are signed on recto (front) of matt board

And verso (back) of print(if museum mounted)

*Add shipping to all prices (usually about 10%)

*Arizona residents add 7.9% tax

Image size  Matt size Price with matt/print   Matted and framed/glass

8x10”   16x20”   $250    $350

11x14”   16x20”   $295    $395

16x20”   22x28”   $595    $695

20x24”   28x32”   $995    $1295

24x30”   32x40”   $1895    $2495

32x40”   40x48”   $2995    $3495 




      Orotones  are black and white images on glass that were made famous by Edward Sheriff Curtis before 1925. Curtis made them on sensitized glass plates and coated the back with banana oil and bronzing solution. They are some of his most sought after images usually costing way into the thousands of dollars. 

          Curtis’s comment about “Cur-tones” as he called them was as follows…….. 

          “The ordinary print, however good, lacks depth and transparency, or more strictly

          speaking, translucency. We all know how beautiful are the stones and pebbles in the

      I make “Goldtone prints” by spreading liquid emulsion on glass and printing selected images in the sizes of 4x5”, 8x10” and 11x14”(See image PH-16). Each image is then backed with gold metal leafing and coated with a varnish to protect the image and the leafing along with being framed which is essential to protect the delicate glass image. There are many technical difficulties involved when making these prints but I agree with Curtis’s  assessment of these spectacular images. I am proud to now offer these prints to the public. 

      *All Goldtones prints are made on glass plates backed with gold metal leaf.

*All images in each size are released in an extremely limited edition. Each image is given an edition number (2/5,  etc)

      *All images are archivally processed similar to other Black and White prints.

*All images come framed with a certificate of authenticity describing the image   making process

*All images are signed by the artist on the back (verso) and on the COA. 

Image Size   Limited Edition #  Framed  Price

4x5    10    Yes   $300

8x10    5    Yes   $1000

11x14    5    Yes   $1500 

      Coming!…… What’s New!

*I am happy to be chairman of the photography division of the Cave Creek Film and Arts Festival. First prize for entrants is $1500! E-mail for more info.

*Looking for a great workshop ? I am scheduled to teach a photography workshop at the Focus Ranch in Colorado, September 21-25, 2008.

E-mail for details. Limited enrollment, don’t wait.

*I am to judge the photography division of the Arizona State Fair September 27, 2008

*Look for my article in the September,  2008 issue of Arizona Highways Magazine tentatively entitled “The future is the past” I will be very interested to see the reaction I get to this one.

*Once again, I am registered to be part of the HIDDEN IN THE HILLS studio tour for the fourth year in a row. This event takes place the weekend before and after Thanksgiving and allows the participant to visit the artist studio.  Come by and say hi! E-mail for more info!

*I am also registered to be part of the 2009, Fine Art Expo from January 19th through March 29th, 2009.  I should be at my studio/booth at the expo most days during this time period. E mail for more info! 

        Look for new work involving these alternative processes 

      Printing Out Paper (POP) prints


      Chrysotypes (Gold prints on art paper) 

Also my painting continues…..

I have found that without knowing it I have a theme that runs through most of my work. I’ve found that as I continue my search for pathways to higher consciousness one usually sees a window, door, or “pathway” to this other dimension in most of the painted images I produce.

I find it very strange that I did this without even being aware that this is what I was doing!


*All are Oils on canvas unless otherwise noted

*All are original one of a kind works

*All framed items are noted

* Shipping should be added for all non-Phoenix area deliveries, usually runs about 10%

Image name/size     Framed    Price

Toroweap/P-01/30x40”   Yes    $6,800

The Watchman/P-02/30x40”   Yes    $3,800

Sequoia trunks/P-03/30x40”   No    $2,800

Blue Door/P-04/20x16”   Yes    $900

Long Road Home, Mexico/P-05/16x20” Yes    $950

Thunderhead, S.Dakota/P-06/24x48” Yes    $3,500

San Xavier/P-07/26x20”   Yes    Sold

Puerto Vallarta/P-08/12x12”   Yes    $700

Lucca Pathway/P-09/36x24”   Yes    Sold

Pueblo Arroyo/P-10/16x20”   Yes    $900

French Landscape/P-11/20x26’  Yes    Sold

East River/P-12/24x20”   Yes    $1,200

Big Sur/P-13/16x20”    Yes    $950

Archways, Sunrise/P-14/20x16”  Yes    $950

Barn Door/P-15/16x20”   Yes    $950

Indian Paintbrush/P-16/36x24”  Yes    $1900

Maple tree/P-17/30x40”   Yes    $3,200 

I have many more and new images painted now.

Please e mail to here about them!

The search continues!



Workshops ……….Private/Public 

      I have been fortunate enough to be able to share my art with others through the teaching of workshops. I have now taught over 50 public, multi-day workshops, in various areas of the country. They provide a wonderful venue to verbally express the way I see and produce the Grand Landscape. Most all public workshops I will be doing are listed in the “Coming…….What’s New” page of the website.

      I also love to provide private workshops to individuals and small groups. Private workshops can take place at my studio/home or at any venue one may be interested in,…………………… anywhere! 

      Private workshops include 4 or less people 

      Time involved     Cost

      One hour      $60/hour

      One day(8 hours)    $400/day

      Multi-day     $350/day


      *All fees plus expenses (gas, travel, lodging, food, materials, etc)

      *Travel time considered at regular rate. 


      Many people have asked me to provide a personal critique of images they may have made from various trips. Through the “miracle” of the internet and e mail I am able to do this now in a fairly easy fashion.  Please provide 3 images minimum for critique. They either can be attached to an e-mail you send or posted on a web page in which you provide the link.

      All critiques must be pre-paid via Credit/debit card, cash, or check, cost is as follows

      3 images      $60

      5 images      $80

      10 images   $125

      more than 10  $10 each 

Critiques can also be done at my studio/home for similar fee. 

      G  i  c  l  e’ e


      Giclee is a French word that essentially means “to spray”.

      In the art world it represents a way to make quality reproduction

      of original  artwork. There are essentially two types of “Giclees”. Pigmented and ink.

      Pigmented Giclees are usually done on canvas and have higher  archival qualities.

      Ink based Giclees are done on art paper and have higher color  accuracy. 

      *All Giclee reproduction are limited edition (99)

Giclee prints on Art or Photographic paper

8x10   $60

12x18   $75

16x20   $90

20x24   $150

24x36   $300

32x40   $480 

Pigmented Giclees on canvas with wooden stretcher frame 

Size  Pigmented Giclee Retouched with oil paint

12x18   $195    $295

16x20   $295    $495

20x24   $395    $695

24x30   $595    $895

24x36   $895    $1195

32x40   $995    $1395

40x50   $1295    $1895 





They work like this…. 

Rent/Lease allows the client to have original artwork in their home or office for a small monthly fee usually three months at a time.  If leased, all payments made for the first 12 months can be applied toward the purchase price.

Rent/Lease payments are usually 2% per month of the retail purchase price. First month there is a setup fee of $30.

Most monthly fees run less than $50/month. 

PATRON PROGRAM allows the client to participate in the career of the artist by making a $100 per month commitment towards a new piece of artwork. The patron continues to pay $100 per month until the purchase price is met.  Each patron is permitted and encouraged to visit Jerry’s studio (Galeria Del Valle Escondido) and if you see any work in progress that you would like to purchase (other than commissions). You can claim it as your future piece. 

The history of Patron /Client relationship goes back at least 800 years. Many artist were not able to produce work on a regular basis unless the enjoyed the patronage of others.  

And so it continues….. 


*All artwork comes with a 100% money back guarantee for 3 month after the purchase date.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase it can be returned for a credit, exchange or refund for those three months. See returns section for details. 

*All transaction may be made Via Credit Card(Visa or MC) check or cash. All checks must clear before an order will be processed.  Please call or e mail for orders. 

*Any artwork not framed by us voids any warranty for the images purchase as some framers use materials that can damage artwork. 

*All images come with a Jerry Sieve, Certificate of Authenticity that proves that the image was made by me or under my direction. It also gives the history of the image that helps in establishing a provenance for your purchased artwork. 

*All images are either one of a kind or part of a limited edition!  

*All artwork is sent insured and is traceable. 


All artwork has a 3 month money back guarantee. This warranty is in effect regardless of how you make your purchase.  I want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Any special orders, commissions, or orders, which have been altered or reframed or rematted by others, are not included in this guarantee. Any piece may be returned if in like new condition. Shipping fees are not refundable.  All returns must be packed adequately and insured by a traceable method. Before any return can be made phone or e-mail communication must be made and accepted by us. All other returns will not be accepted. All policies subject to change without notice.